Boost Growth, Increase Yield, and Soil remediation

The production of food utilizes more than 75% of the world’s fresh water resources. Pollution from the chemicals and fertilizers used for agriculture are the main causes of pollution of water in lakes, and groundwater. Farmers worldwide report more and more instances of drop in yield and huge increases in cost of production resulting in decreasing returns year by year. It is important that the ever increasing need for food is met and also important the food produced is sustainable and causes minimum damage to the environment.


Growth of plants directly depends on water and soil quality. Plants roots demand oxygen from the soil which in turn absorbs from the Air or Water. Oxygen helps plants assimilate nutrients and supply to the stem and leaves. Unfortunately warm temperature results in less oxygen in the soil and pollutants in the soil too consume oxygen, most of water supplied to plants are from bore wells or water sources which are devoid of DO. This results in a deficit of oxygen available for the plant leading to slow growth and a stressed plant prone to diseases. Farmers resort to increase of nutrient chemicals and fertilizers to boost growth without realizing the main cause. All this results in high costs and low yields. Excess nutrients also lead to unsustainable load on the soil.


The ACS GDS based on NB technology can revolutionize farming and agricultural practices and is in line with the government of India’s more CROP per DROP strategy. Plant cycles for crops like rice and Sugarcane can be reduced by more than 20%. In case of farming process like Aquaponics and Hydroponics which involve growing in only water, the ACS GDS is in fact a boon in disguise. It has the ability to supersaturate water with oxygen, boost growth and increase yield thus offering returns on their huge investments with assured returns which exceed expectations. Studies have shown increased growth in leafy greens like lettuces by more than 40-50%. Not to mention much better quality. Please feel free to send us a mail or chat with us on +91 22 26358844 and allow us to show how the ACS GDS could prove to be a Magic Wand for boosting farmers profits with high yields and reduction in usage of unnecessary chemicals or growth boosters etc.