The Gas Dissolution System (GDS) developed by ACS using cutting-edge and eco-friendly nanobubble technology is a disruptive and revolutionary technology for treating water.

Water and its gas carrying properties is the very essence of life. Without it, nothing can survive. Right from agriculture, to livestock rearing, the environment, biodiversity-ecosystems to human survival, water fuels and supports the delicate balance of all life on earth. Water is important from an environmental perspective and equally important for business and economic growth. We at ACS fully comprehend your needs and seek to optimize its usage, reduce consumption and at the same maximize its capabilities in various applications. We discourage the use of chemicals through in our technology. The properties of nanobubbles is everyday throwing out new possibilities to treat and use water The Nanobubble technology can be applied in various industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, health and wellness, personal care, Surface cleaning — the possibilities are endless! If you are a business wherein water use is key, then ACS can help you. Come discover a path breaking technology which is environmentally friendly, efficient, and functional and an ever increasing success rate.



Water quality is crucial for aquaculture. Our main aim is to curb the elevated levels of bad bacteria in water bodies to ensure your produce is healthy and your business is sustainable. This is done by increasing Dissolved Oxygen levels in the water through our innovative nanobubble technology. NBT oxygenation helps Aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp receive higher amounts of oxygen, breathe easier and grow in size and quality as well.



Plants survive mainly on water and sunlight. Water used in agriculture must have high levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) for optimal plant and crop growth. As water from taps, wells and borewells have very low levels of oxygen, agricultural yield suffers. Through our cutting-edge technology, the DO levels in the water are elevated providing plants adequate oxygen to thrive and assimilate nutrients.


waste water treatment

Maintaining a DO level ranging from 1-3 mg/l is recommended to make the environment for the wastewater treatment tank conducive for an optimum aerobic process. Most aeration systems find it impossible to ensure and maintain the recommended DO levels in the Bioreactors. Our DO BOOST technology injects oxygen efficiently and dissolves more than 95% of it. The result is improved DO levels in the tank.



Low levels of oxygen in the air and water is detrimental to the health of humans, plants and animals. We provide solutions for overall health and well-being by combining oxygen and ozone gases into nanobubbles. These nanobubbles are released into the water and are ideal for spas and wellness resorts. The nanobubbles action results in detoxification of skin and body and overall relaxation.



Algae and water Hyacinth infested Lakes and Waterbodies are a common occurrence and Government bodies are fighting a constant battle to save or maintain them. The ACS GDS using NB technology is the most convenient and adaptable way to maintain them. A beautiful and full of life waterbody is not only pleasing to our eyes but can benefit the complete ecosystem around it.