Increase Fish Growth, Healthier Species and Better Market price

A one-time solution to enhance water quality, increase productivity and boost profits consistently.

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing sector in the food and animal industry it is estimated almost 30 million tonnes of fish will be consumed by the world population by the year 2030. The better the quality of the water, the better is the yield.However in the quest to produce more and earn more, farmers resort to unnecessary usage of chemicals and medicines and unsustainable practices.The need of the hour is to assist in a low energy ,chemical free approach to treat and aerate water and reduce crop cycle time.


Oxygen gas is important for all living beings. Aquatic animals depend on oxygen gas dissolved in the water(DO),for their survival. DO and Disease control are two main factors which determine profitability and productivity in Aquaculture. Aquaculture farmers, across the world, constantly struggle to maintain minimum levels of oxygen to be able to provide a conducive environment for species growth. Low DO levels are not only detrimental to growth directly but at the same time also result in increase of toxic gasses like Ammonia and H2S in the bottom of the tanks. Ammonia and H2S are toxic to fish and even levels above 0.5 cause mortality. An oxygen deprived fish has high stress and hence eats less. Existing Aeration systems which assist farmers to dissolve oxygen in the water are inefficient by design and the constant pressure to produce more in less time and less space exposes the farmers to risk of losses by way of diseases, lack of growth ,usage of medicines etc.


The ACS GDS addresses all this, by its ability to dissolve oxygen in the water rapidly and thus provide a consistent and reliable source of DO. It ensures pond and tanks are able to be stocked with high densities and the farmer is able to get maximum yield in shorter cycle time. Oxygen in Nanobubbles has proven to promote growth of fish and Shrimps and also help fish to take in oxygen more easily than normal. This results in not only better pond water quality but also rapid and vigorous growth in fish and crustaceans. The ACS Nanobubble GDS is the next generation of oxygenation and sterilization system in aquaculture and its benefits and applications will only keep on increasing and maybe set a standard for usage soon. Oxygen and Ozone combined with Nanobubbles can achieve sterilization standards 2000 times more powerful than Ozone itself and 180 times more powerful than UV rays. Needless to say this will be a shot in the arm system for Hatcheries struggling with low survival rates and high production costs due to ineffective filtration and disinfection systems. Currently the latest super intensive technologies of RAS and BIOFLOC have laid more emphasis on the need of Aeration for the species as well as for the bio filtration and de-nitrification process including Sterilization in RAS plants. The ACS GDS could be used in various stages in aquaculture as would be the desired objectives. Be it your RAS facility or Biofloc, Hatchery or Nursery please feel free to call us or write an email and help design a solution for you to help you achieve HI YIELD, HI PROFIT.