Reduce Aeration Costs, Decrease pollutant loads, Eliminate Odor, Remove Color

The 21st Century Solution to Treat waste water while substantially reducing your energy footprint with zero addition of chemicals.

With environmental degradation on the rise, earth’s ecosystems are collapsing. These include water bodies such as rivers and lakes which sustain human and other life. Governments and statutory organizations have started laying more emphasis on strict environmental compliances. Institutions and Factories struggle more and more to maintain and adhere to norms and a technology which assists in compliance is sought after. Be it waste effluents or Sewage Treatment or a Zero Discharge Facility all strive to achieve their compliance and environmental objectives using least amount of resources and cycle times.


In most waste water treatments using MBBR, SBR & ASP technologies, aeration forms more than 50-60% of the energy cost. It is important that the bacteria have sufficient oxygen in the water for them to process the waste and ensure a robust Aerobic activity for optimum treatment. However, the main challenge lies in the fact that in spite of heavy spends, most aeration systems find it impossible to ensure and maintain the recommended DO levels(1-3mg/l) in the Bioreactors. It is also possible that the changing environment discharge norms put a heavy load on the bioreactors ability to treat within the designed parameters. This renders the designed aerators inefficient for achieving the end process objectives. The market is flooded with systems that showcase how they can inject or transfer oxygen into the aeration tank. However, they do not demonstrate how much of the injected oxygen actually gets dissolved in the water. This is because even though the systems do a fairly good job of introducing more oxygen into the water, the sheer size of the bubbles forces them to reach the surface and be released almost immediately back into the atmosphere. None of these systems are actually equipped to control the dissolving of these oxygen gas molecules in the water.


The ACS DO BOOST is a patented and revolutionary means of dissolving oxygen in waste water. It not only injects oxygen efficiently but also ensures it’s mixed and dissolves more than 95% of it. The results are improved DO levels across the tank. The DO boost has another distinct advantage. Its soft nature of Dispersion ensures enhanced flocculation and reduces the shearing of floc caused by high speed Surface and Sub surface aerators. What you get is uniform dissolution of Oxygen across the tank and hence better results all at a reduced cost. This ensures the system pays for itself in a very less time. The GDS system by ACS ensures that your energy consumption is reduced significantly. It will help you bring down your energy costs almost by 50%. We can clearly say the ACS GDS is the only system of its kind that uses patented technology to offer better aeration while increasing the efficiency of the BIOREACTOR by significantly reducing Aeration costs. Thus it qualifies to be the only payback Aeration System of its kind. COD reduction and Colour Removal : Nanobubble Ozonation of waste water helps in better reduction of COD than normal Ozone Systems due to enhanced formation of OH radicals. No additional contact tanks or destruction systems required. Be it Color removal or Odor the ACS GDS using NB technology help you achieve water treatment objectives not possible before.