A Chemical free, Natural and Revolutionary Method to revive and Rejuvenate Lakes , Ponds and Rivers.

Water bodies in cities and on their outskirts have long been ignored for their role in maintaining the ecosystem. Rampant urbanization, encroachments, sewer runoffs have all have played a part in destroying lakes, rivers and ponds in and around the cities. Our technology helps revive these important ecosystems with environmentally sound methods.


Most water bodies in and around cities and towns endure high nutrient loads and thus struggle to maintain sufficient DO levels, especially in the night. Fish kills, Bad Odour, Algae or Hyacinth infested water complaints are routine and govt or Authorities often fail struggle to maintain them. Existing solutions involve chemicals or Probiotic treatments or influence of non-native good bacteria for revival. These solutions are not permanent, require constant treatment and are not sustainable in the long term as it involves reliance on proprietary solutions. Water bodies ideally undergo Deterioration from the bottom and then tropical warm climates and constant pollutant infusion renders it impossible for it to survive on its own.


THE ACS GDS is a revolutionary method to treat water bodies. It not only treats water but helps ensure it is maintained as well. Above all it requires no additional raw material other than electricity. The ACS GDS based on NB technology has all the qualities required to become the go to solution for Government and institutions to ensure a consistent and continuously well managed and nourished water body. Highly Scalable, Ability to treat large Areas, Easy to Operate, no Chemicals to be used and above all options for usage on a maintenance contract or a one time capex cost. Please feel to address your queries on how our NB technology based solutions can help you rejuvenate your local water-bodies. Be it NGO’s or local partnerships we are ready to work in unison to provide a very low footprint sustainable and long lasting solution towards a cleaner and beautiful environment.